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Home Planet News Online

Welcome to our second issue of Home Planet News Online. It has been a long time coming; it is, in fact, late. I apologize to our readers, and to our writers. We will work hard to bring future issues out in a more timely manor. One reason for our lateness is that first we got too little material, and then we were flooded. But AH! In that flood what material came in! Good stuff, really good stuff. While working on this issue I traveled to Ireland. I was in Dublin when the vote for Marriage Equality passed. What a wonderful day. Almost the whole city celebrated. That day Ireland became the first country in the world where marriage equality was voted in by the people. Wearing large badges with the word Yes on them, the people partied on through the night. Good going, Ireland.

HPN Online is proud to announce that we have two featured poets in this issue: Paul Pines and Gregg Weatherby. Paul and Gregg are very gifted poets, each carving with his craft poems that are lyrical, profound, highly original, and exciting. Each writes with a unique honest voice that compels us to listen, learn, and enjoy. Both Paul Pines and Gregg Weatherby have new books out.

                                                  MESSAGE FROM THE MEMOIRIST
                                                  Poems by Paul Pines
                                                  Paul's website is: paulpines.com

                                                  APPROACHING HOME
                                                  by Gregg Weatherby

The next issue of the printed version on Home Planet News will be coming out shortly. In the meantime, Donald suggested, with the agreement of the authors, that we include two pieces from the printed issue. They are here. Our first issue lacked a table of contents. Some readers asked us to put one in. We have.

Donald Lev and the late Enid Dame founded HPN in 1979. They worked hard to create a literary magazine that was inclusive to all, and yet very selective in what it published. In our attempt to continue their work online we will accept all styles of poetry and prose, all forms, formless—anything that's fresh and good. We are also looking for writers and readers of all ages, all colors, all lifestyles. And while we're at it, we could use a few more editors, particularly someone who knows html, css, or how to bring more viewers to our site. Meanwhile, pass the word along. Get as many people as possible to visit our website: homeplanetnews.org/AOnLine.htmlLike us on Facebook. Throughout the poetry section you will see this magnifying glass under each poem. click on it to see the poem by itself and in larger print..

Check the web to see more of our Featured Poets. Home Planet News Online will come out twice a year. See our guidelines for information on how to get published in our online magazine.

In Dublin
In Dublin