Enter Home Planet News Table of Contents: Issue #2                        
Remembering Arnold Sachar
           By George Snedeker

The Museum of American Poetics (MAP)
           Jim Cohn An Appreciation
           By Kirpal Gordon


Linder Lerner                 1

George Held                   1

Steve Lewis                    2

Joanna FitzPatrick         3

 Book Review
        by A.W. Winans

Donald Lev                 1

Teresa Costa               2

Arnold Skemer           3

alan catlin                   4

Matt Pasca                  5

Lisa Galt Bond          6

Simon Perchik           7

Austin Alexis             8

lyn lifshin                   9

Frank Murphy         10

Patricia Carragon     11

Sarah Wyman           12

Jerrice J. Baptiste    13

Deborah Medenbach 13

Mike Jurkovic           14

rd colman                 15

David Gershator      16

John Marvin             17

Burt Kimmelman      18

Robert Roth               18

Phillip Giambri          19

Bob Heman                 20

Vicki Iorio                   21

Featured Poets

Paul Pines

Gregg Weatherby

The Blog Bog
        by Matthew Paris

Magazine Rack
        by Jack Alchemy
        & David Gershator

Eric Greinke:
Up North with Harry Smith

Just Another Word for Plagiarism
But, Hey, What's wrong with that!
           by Linda Lerner