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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 69

Would Love the Country

It is not very insidious
as when the ragged mistletoes
accentuate kerpow so libellous
to the hotsy dangles retrospangled.
Grouse getting down to weeds
hail humble wiry slime
a tiny wisteria craves
of enclosure it is merely time.
Soft senders of seedlings
turmoil in the dust of squamous
hidden hills of birther ants bid
for shy skittling twangs as lightly
as arrival interrupts the needs.
Then hiding in sumac seekers always
convey the Apollonian quilted brights
and warmly the crumpeted swarms
amongst safe smells elaborate
the feasting of a combing charm.
Speckled pricked aside the swings
outside of deciduous awnings
a conference for circumference
alighted heigh and ho describe
diamonds benumbed in tutelary twigs.
Here the quincunx quickly squints
and there are savages of grumbling grubs
whereas mornings and evenings compete
for as many showstoppers lithe and sweet.

  Robert Mueller