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     The Literary Review
                                                                          Issue 8

Page 69

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From Parents to Children

It is finished and it is
the coping stone in the prime
of the hierophantic what was
that it shall never be contained.
The lost are in a megaphone
of scurrying avalanche
to taste the chimes to flicker
as a welcoming to the storm.
Industry has its boss
weight of amber collapse
of a shameful garment what is
annulled to be rent and stanched.
Verily a sullied osmosis can vent
a langorous populace to tinders
and it is time sir to rehearse.
O where are the spies to recommend
the displacements of shadows
and where is the coming kenned?
Where shall the calf in the stall
climb to a tender merriment?

  Robert Mueller__

The Inconstancy of Women

Closet your pedigree that shares
the pants of the gaudy girlish wares;
if iris plumped has crept to thin
valley uneasily of seeds, come
calling the simple joys will swim.
The Apostle’s Creed, or the Nicene,
by putting so much faith in faith,
made the powers of Love beteem
in hues cratered to common space;
so trust in the Lord, or every word,
nor let the fullness be breezy
easy to cast conspiracy,
when one that loves others, is more
than one, and bangs and opens any door
of unfinished or finished wood.
Such smatters can’t care less good,
nor get the greedy to the grade agree,
nor let the phalanges flay the fjord.

  Robert Mueller__

Goodness Birthday Glory Be

Life is always a story from
beginning to end and a wish
without conclusive evidence
of escaping the worst coming
deterred and shaping the concurrent returns.
Exit videos from the rock-a-bye storms
leave no doubt of chipmunk fragility
and the crazed cold feathers of nothing nursed.
Similar thickening sadness in luscious greening
bestirs the slumbering walrus or plunked
pickerelweed for deer to feed where the ooze is
receding stays hydrations gurgling in a reservoir.
So if crossed when it is timely to plead
or to flex in the embrace of unlikely looking
past the echoes more and more and after sirens
then will A-frame when to close
over troughs with a perfumed cocktail endearing
haze and a wicket anchor a near elopement.
Or so seemly sauce for underhanded throw
is in a graduated scrumptious flow
and no longer gravy at grace but cockles
to the embassy of clean hands for chow
to be pestered faithfully the when and the how.

  Robert Mueller__

The Bloody Well Deserved

I would love to live in luxury
with a be-well cap on and have
servants and to be with nymphets
half dea and half deer and provide
deliverance to the poor and needy
and talk freely with presidents peg
the inner presence of the senators
make sure the great places get preserved
and in lolling dress keep a splendid mess
in minor means of order but some
and never if I don’t want to part from home.

  Robert Mueller__

Kit with Candle

Iterations of combustible
pranks not to lose control
so manoeuvre as a fertile
first choice the fine purée.
The pine gardens further north
preeminent the kites become
powered gin of taste of chirping
all to remove soiled slurping.
Here are the highly louvred
and comely arts a quick bastion
a reverenced house on hill
brightly combed especially
at setting sun guard over fears.
The stippled moss and fanning airs
among liverworts of the bent pinks
or rosebay not forgetting blowdown
will appease the launch all-too varied
and alpine timbers’ exhilarating rise.
Or when freshness of lamps fluted
beside ways for when the boreal
shivers in prototrembling place
crown a sight for pastels
of the turnout for feathers timing
prepare then boost of sneakabout
of wheres of angled shining
how far the all or nothing rout.

  Robert Mueller__

Would Love the Country

It is not very insidious
as when the ragged mistletoes
accentuate kerpow so libellous
to the hotsy dangles retrospangled.
Grouse getting down to weeds
hail humble wiry slime
a tiny wisteria craves
of enclosure it is merely time.
Soft senders of seedlings
turmoil in the dust of squamous
hidden hills of birther ants bid
for shy skittling twangs as lightly
as arrival interrupts the needs.
Then hiding in sumac seekers always
convey the Apollonian quilted brights
and warmly the crumpeted swarms
amongst safe smells elaborate
the feasting of a combing charm.
Speckled pricked aside the swings
outside of deciduous awnings
a conference for circumference
alighted heigh and ho describe
diamonds benumbed in tutelary twigs.
Here the quincunx quickly squints
and there are savages of grumbling grubs
whereas mornings and evenings compete
for as many showstoppers lithe and sweet.

  Robert Mueller__