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Poetry of Issue #8
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The memory of rain

We remembered distant and prehistoric rains
We always had rain to rain on us
We knew that one day it would rain again
The sea and its rivers falling
Soft or wild, warm or cold
It was the silent language of water
I imagined that child that you were in the South
Playing with the water of a hydrating pump
You saw the girl I was, coming back home with no shoes
Splashing on tropical waters
Since then and far away, enslaved one to the other
Rain inside us was raining
We made love like dinosaurs under the rain
Sometimes as modern cars moved by winds
Strangers until we grew old under the morning dew
We have lived between acid and bitter rain
Radioactively falling down
Although, for us, it was the same rain of yesterday
We remember it all, drop by drop

   Madeline Millán