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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 3


When I was looking down at the dying old man
near me, I was seeing his smiling silence, it was
a second before his death, one second before

the universe changed, as he said, by his smile,
there is nothing better than silence. I was not
talking with him, but singing for him and that

smiling silence on his transparent face was telling
me that silence is everything and that everything
is the music, the simple music, the simple chords.

As he smiled, I knew that there is nothing
stronger than the power of sense, It’s always
been greater than all the power in the world

and it’s twin sister, the power of sound
has always been more beautiful than all
the beauty in the world. This powerful

beauty was the unsaying word on his mouth
and we are all the words in the speech of life,
“Yet, we are the words and letters and stories

and symphonies and songs and colors,” he said.
“Sing, before I die, I want to tell the Lord about
you, how you stay the same as I go away, you set

me free into the beauty of my future and beyond.”
I was looking at his smiling silence and continued
singing, as he was being blown away…

… as are the dandelions,

by my

melodic breath.

  David Dephy: February 4, 2020