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It was in December 2008, when he saw her for the first time.
It was in December, after fourth month of the Georgia - Russian war.
He loved December. He saw his own self in her look,
when he felt echoes in his own heart too, echoes from far beyond
of him, of them, of the world. He realized what did echoes say
to him. He trusted her look and her heart, there was the better
version of him, with the wings, with joy, wind the luxury of gifts.
He liked himself first time in his life… Just because of that look.

David Dephy: February 20, 2020 __



We are preparing for peace, after second of truth.
We are preparing for war, after centuries of lies.
We are standing and moving at the same time,
can we feel the drifting depth inside our heart?
This is the heartbeat of all our wishes, all the mysteries
of the world. Can we feel the drifting all around us?
This is the laughing of winners, even the drops of rain
will be glad if you hear about yourself "He did it his way."
We are preparing for hearing and continue breathing
and the rivers still flow right into the heart of future.

David Dephy: February 16, 2020 __

© Zaadia Colón: Vejigante In My Mirror 24" x 20"
Caption 1
© Zaadia Colón: Vejigante In My Mirror 24" x 20"


I know the truth about some people, but have no idea
why I always say: “Love them anyway.” I know
the truth about kindness, but have no idea why I

always say: “Help people anyway.” I know the truth
about success, false friends and real foes, but have
no idea why I always say: “Do your best anyway,

succeed anyway.” I know the truth about memory,
how short the memory is, but have no idea why I
say: “The good things will be forgotten soon or after

centuries, never mind, do good anyway.” I know the truth
about life, what I spend the seconds, years, millenniums
for a care and building, hoping and wishing may be

destroyed momentarily, but have no idea why I say:
“Care, build and carry on anyway.” I know here is
the oneness of silence and noise, lifted by the ascent

of the breath and the wishes and here is the truth about
giving— give to life what is life’s and give to love what
is love’s, the world could take it back, can take it back,

will take it back, but have no idea why I say:
“Give the world the very best always and anyway.”
Do I have to trust my knowledge or accept my own words

from the other side of myself? And if I show you all my sides
will you love me anyway? I don’t know, but I always say:
“Love always wins, if not it won’t be love.”

  David Dephy: March 12, 2020__


“I know him,” he said to her. “He loves you.”
She was quiet. She closed her eyes. She knew
nothing is over. She smiled and felt breeze on
that summer day and jumped back into her own
heart. “Ready, “ she opened her eyes. “Let’s go,
hurry up,” she said to him, but he disappeared.
He flew away and all the birds flew away from
a tree, on distant sound of a shot.

  David Dephy: February 19, 2020 __


I have long looked forward to time when we
could devise a system of tear-off calendar,
I feel now— our past seconds are our roots,
our seeds are our thoughts and we don't know yet
what's beyond of us. I have long looked forward
to time when we could devise a belief system after
all, with all the systems of modern life, even political,
adorned by our expectations, they are strong,
by our traditions, they are good, by the demands of
the modern life, which is strange, a breathe that has
peace and the most beautiful mystery at its roots.
I have long looked forward to time when we could fly.
I see now—all the constellations are our eyes.

  David Dephy: February 18, 2020__


When I was looking down at the dying old man
near me, I was seeing his smiling silence, it was
a second before his death, one second before

the universe changed, as he said, by his smile,
there is nothing better than silence. I was not
talking with him, but singing for him and that

smiling silence on his transparent face was telling
me that silence is everything and that everything
is the music, the simple music, the simple chords.

As he smiled, I knew that there is nothing
stronger than the power of sense, It’s always
been greater than all the power in the world

and it’s twin sister, the power of sound
has always been more beautiful than all
the beauty in the world. This powerful

beauty was the unsaying word on his mouth
and we are all the words in the speech of life,
“Yet, we are the words and letters and stories

and symphonies and songs and colors,” he said.
“Sing, before I die, I want to tell the Lord about
you, how you stay the same as I go away, you set

me free into the beauty of my future and beyond.”
I was looking at his smiling silence and continued
singing, as he was being blown away…

… as are the dandelions,

by my

melodic breath.

  David Dephy: February 4, 2020__