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Poetry of Issue #8
            Spanish Featured: Page 1

It could be a hole
a corpse about to be spilled
at your door

it could be the last breath of a national hero for lease
the emaciated museum staked in front of La Perla

it could be the schizophrenic gaze
of the worst-selling book
the cheapest lecture given from a podium
enveloped in the fragrance of intellectual jerks
the laziness of being
the best furnished Caribbean charade

it could be the bridges or the trains stuck in traffic
the firing of twenty thousand beer cans
in the name of independence

fifty biblical syringes
two tits archived at the Municipal Tower
and the likelihood of being raped by your uncle
the most catholic family member

it could be in English or in Spanish
in Spanglish or in Americanport
it really doesn't matter
whatever it may be
it falls slowly
it bites our feet at night
and it goes out of its way to hold us back
and it rocks back and forth frantically on its mental rocking chair
fattening up the myth
of the charmingly cursed
island of enchantment

  Yarisa Colón Torres: