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Page 13

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The non-significance of SILENCE

If a colored man falls in the forest does anyone hear the sound?
Society retorts he is an afican-american not a colored man

If a Negro man falls in the forest does anyone hear the sound?
Society retorts he is an afican-american man not a Negro man

If an African American man falls in the forest does anyone hear the sound?
Society retorts       SILENCE

Paul F Renda__


Lonely as hell

I am struck in the middle of a crowd
But I am lonely as hell
I long for the embrace of an of another man
I am not closeted by thoughts of sex with another man
I am closeted by a desire, affection and fellowship
But I am a heterosexual caught in society straight jacket
I yearn and yearn
But the loneliness only grows
I pine at woman for their metro sexuality
But I just yearn and yearn
Struck in a lonely abyss

Paul F Renda__

K Street lobbyists

My dreams of K Street
And all of its plunder and booty
But I am stuck on chestnut and Main Street
A universe away
The pulse of chestnut and main is fading fast
Like my dreams of a better middle like my mom and pop
my path is neither the one less traveled nor the one trodden black
My path under foot is hopelessness and despair
Sometimes I give myself the gift of time travel
A time of optimism and hope
Like when john f Kennedy articulated “ask not what your country can do for you
ask what you can do for your country”
But reality is a stronger narcotic
It brings me back to
My dreams of K Street
And All its plunder and booty

  Paul F Renda__


The new metropolis

Google and Amazon and their ilk have created likeness of…
tick tick tick
human drones going about being mastered by their robot overlords
tick tick tick
artificial intelligence the new intellect
tick tick tick
100 of hours of effort each week
Tick tick tick
Mothers slaving over a keyboard
Tick tick tick
mother mother baby needs a bottle
tick tick tick
the cognitive sweat shops of today land
tick tick tick
neural networks massaging data and solutions round-the-clock
tick tick tick
time of the essence, essence is now time
tick tick tick
workers running to and fro for fulfillment
tick tick tick
Fritz Lang’s creation turned into an ugly reality
 Tick tock tick tock

(trailer for metropolis

  Paul F Renda__

Big Brothers Spider Web

The social media I know so well
Is the technology I fear the most
The much feared, all knowing
Omnipresent telescreens of 1984
Operating under the watchful gaze of Big Brother
Never materialized
But the all-knowing information webs of 2020 that know
Who you are,
What you are
How you are
And what you will be
Have been the reality for some time
Our most intimate secrets of our daily lives
Reside on the information webs of society
The web feeds us cookies when we are good
And unfriends us when we are bad
The technology that I know so well
May bring the downfall I fear the most

  Paul F Renda__


I gaze upon the gentle woods

I gaze upon the gentle woods
and think what a beautiful site
I ponder the simple though
what a joy it would be to live there.
Reality then brings me back to
a place I have been to before
I look down and upon my E-mails
and ponder the thought no more

  Paul F Renda__