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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


An ant exploring a new surface
Anxious for footing
Secure enough to avoid
The shoe poised above him:
That's me, composing, for the first time,
A poem on a personal computer.
A computer that seems to insist
On initial capitals.

                           Donald Lev     1/14

David Gershator


There was a meeting
In an old brick building,
On the third floor, I guess.
A freight elevator helped
You to the floor,
But you couldn't get there
Too late.
The agenda for the evening was set by,
I forget who, but no matter.
Much time has passed,
And some very few of us are still present.

                           Donald Lev      1/14


In Lower Manhattan, somewhere,
Maybe the Marc Ballroom,
The Flatiron Building,
Or that place between Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue
Before it was a rock'n-roll club

I saw Pete Seeger's head
Disappear in light,
In fervent light. A miraculous vision
I wish now to report
This day after the
Saint has been carried
                           Donald Lev      1/28/14