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Home Planet News Online

The picture on the first page of Home Planet News Online was taken last summer at Coney Island. It is of my eldest granddaughter and me. I used it for two reasons: one, I like the picture, two, it reflexes my feeling of starting up an online only version of the very successful printed Home Planet News. There's my granddaughter, smiling, excited, and then there's me looking like, in the words of my stepdaughter, "Mayday, Mayday, Reindeer going down!" Home Planet News is about to come out with it's 67th issue. That's a hard act to follow. But I and my fellow editors will take the plunge because there will be a time (in the next year or two) when the printed version of Home Planet News will no longer be printed.

Our hope is to continue the magazine online for as long as possible. Donald Lev and the late Enid Dame founded HPN in 1979. They worked hard to create a literary magazine that was inclusive to all, and yet very selective in what it published. We will try to do the same. We will accept all styles of poetry and prose, all forms, formless -anything that's fresh and good. We are also looking for writers and readers of all ages, all colors, all lifestyles. And while we're at it, we could use a few more editors, particularly someone who knows html, css, and how to bring more viewers to our site. meanwhile, pass the word along, visit: homeplanetnews.org/AOnLine.html

Throughout the poetry section you will see this magnifying glass under each poem. click on it to see the poem by itself and printed larger.

In the Links section we have included a link to our feature poet's web site. Check it out to learn more about this fascinating poet, translator, performance artist, and so much more. Home Planet News Online will come out 2 to 3 times a year depending on material and editors schedule.

David Gershator
David Gershator