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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 89

On the Day of the Book Fair

binx called at the last moment to beg off
a movie was playing in town he had to see so
I went alone but alone inside the funhouse

as the warped mirrors reminded me again
& again misses the point of the funhouse isn’t
that what ambrose said right before he vanished
on the fairgrounds an ink freak asked if I wanted to

ride the merry-go-round with him just to get away
I shelled out ten bucks to watch a hunger artist
very slowly fast then washed down elephant ears

with soda pop as steve the sideshow robot sat
smoking between shows madame sosostris
gave her reading I moseyed over to the game
booth to toss old bakhtin through pennywise’s

gaping plywood cakehole far & wee the little goat-
footed balloon man whistled when I won the stuffed
whale I wondered if mangan’s sister would like it or not

  Matt Morris