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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 88

Horses, Booze, and Alimony

(Homer Dunn 1935-1978 sang with the R & B group
The Rivieras, whose 45 record “Moonlight Serenade”
rose to number 47 on the Hit Parade in 1959.)

You smoked occasionally, laughed often.
And I’m tempted here, miles from your grave,
To refuse to do the next chore,
Take the next breath or turn the next corner.
Bones crumbling, you’re all voice now.
Is there room for your voice,
Room enough in the coffin,
Room enough in the house?

I should sing you a song
But I can’t sing or dance.
I can’t keep the peace with people too well
The way you could. Nevertheless, the world turned
And bit you. I see you
Standing before glass doors,
That row of stores where you worked
Mopping floors of a supermarket,
Where I loitered my teen years,
And where we met.

Your hands touch metal carriages
The way a pianist’s hands touch keys.
I should build a palace for your voice.
I should buy an opal pin
For your black four-in-hand, get out of this
Completely, and let you take over.

  Peter Mladinic