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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 85


I was coming back from Japan
and I remember in Hawaii
in an old rundown dive bar a place
only the locals would dare go
I thought I saw him in a dark corner
a silent shadow alone in sunlight and dust
even when I said hi as I left no words
but he was on Broadway then
and later after I had run
away from the city and I was in my
condemned trailer on the mountain
huddled in the cold corner wind
through the floor boards snow
on the sills staring at nothing
nothing at all and my friends said
you must come but I couldn’t go
couldn’t go couldn’t explain how I was
a prisoner of the ranch
I thought they wouldn’t understand
much later Lisa told me he died
of a stroke all alone a shadow
in sunlight and dust
no words at all

  Gregg Weatherby