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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 84

Obscene beauty

Under the Tuscan Sun
Sotto il sole della Toscane
Different from other suns
Diverso da altri soli
I landed in my favorite town
On a hill sticking out
Boasting its beauty
Vanta la sua belezza
the cobblestones uphill, crooked
good enough to sprain your ankle
leading into another street with cobblestones
the past is under me around
in plants and flowers
their smells mixed with the ages
wooden doors that lead to lives
the girl gets slapped around the room
the sounds of silent cries
grida silenziose
the breeze outside just perfect
through small barred windows
muffeled roars from getting raped
we do not speak or hear or see
The water fountain from the wall
makes perfect trickles on the road
local Italian completes the story
Italiano locale complete la storia
the air is cool against the heat
the walls a yellow sand and rock
blood stained from wars we all forgot
Who built that archway in the end
leading to other lives
amidst the purple flowers
osceni cosi bella
so…….. beautiful