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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 81

–for K.M.

Her back yard is a bevy of birds.
Look at the peacock with his feathered arc.

Look: he arcs his feathers like some men arc theirs.
And the cardinal with his John Prine haircut.

He balances on the guitar string wire!
And his mate eyes the woodpecker in a tree.

The mates in the lady’s trees eye each other.
And to think we call stupid people birdbrains!

That cardinal’s bird brain is bright as man’s brain!
And he sings his songs to blackbirds and squirrels.

Songs the blackbird and squirrel sing back to him.
Songs John Prine might have dreamed of singing.

Songs the other birds only dream of singing
in her back yard that’s a bevy of birds.

  David Spicer