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                                                                          Issue 8

Page 7

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Two stairways converge on pavement;
each offers journey upward.
Toss a coin for left or right,
recite eeny, meeny, miny moe,
close eyes awaiting epiphany
of what feels good.
Wishing someone would descend
to volunteer insight where decision
to trust or do the opposite adds
no aid to direction.

Two stairways converge;
abandoned by haywire
compass spinning
through brain waves
swamping the whole.

Diane Webster__



Creek follows path of least resistance,
plunges into holes until full
continues downhill over rocks
smooth with passage,
leaps cliff edge into pool
gathered to cushion fall
rippling over shore guides
ever flowing in current whirls.

Merges into river lazing
its way, its path, its journey…
flood, trickle, rapids,
reservoirs of rest
until surf beckons
an immense sea.

Ocean of wonder
surface to depth
dream to discovery.

Diane Webster__


Snow gathers itself
into a seat cushion
of pseudo-sheep wool.

Snow paints fenders
into white eyebrow

Snowfall curls
around handlebars
in big-horned sheep
ram strength

powered by
white pedals
set in starting-block
position after kickstand
shot pushes forward.

abandon metal
in a comet tail
of speed.

Diane Webster__



Is this the stairway to heaven
spiraling up inside
the lighthouse walls
toward circling light

When I step
into light chamber,
will glare blind me
into darkness
it was meant to save
souls from?

I feel like a paper doll
silhouetted from behind
and purer than white
in front of the light
as I strobe a strolling figure
flickering around the rail.

  Diane Webster__


Seed flings itself
over canyon rim
and flies!
until a crack
devours it.

Rain revives life
so roots sprout
within crack road maps
and tree wedges,
marries into rock…

For years it scales
canyon wall
until it peeks
its homeland.

Leaves, limbs
tremble, applaud
with origin of species
forest in sight.

  Diane Webster__



Old rust texture
snaps attention – sunset
blazes orange overhead
in tsunami overwhelm.

Rorschach inkblot test
set up in billboard vastness
for exam of imagination.

Water skipper stands
on blue paint pond,
awaits race of ripples
across reflection.

Whale curves upward
in ascent for air,
breaches ocean ceiling
in blowhole thunder,
splash arcs away
in lightning dissipation.

  Diane Webster__