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The Owl

A wise old owl may lay her bed
as a new young one emerges ready to face what's ahead
The wisdom of one passed on to another as they shed
a tear and say farewell to their mother
As a young owlet spreads their wings and prepares
for their journey
and carries what they must bring
Through cold, winter, and ice they grow older and smarter
and travel the world
they see new ways of life till the cold must return
Families thriving, crops surviving and the
circle of life and pursuit of dreams the owl settles down
to begin her own family
Until her children must leave and take their own
journey cross river and trees
Cross harsh weather and spread their own
feathers, like she once did till she found her way
She would teach her children everyday
She would teach her children what she knew
until one day it was their turn to fly up and away

  Emma Brumberger