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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 72

Quarantined in my Quarter of the World

While in quarantine,
Enduring the excruciating effects of COVID-19,
The headaches, throat soreness, nausea, vomiting,
Diarrhea, and dysphoria,
I am deteriorating from desolation
Due to the isolation from those I love.
Lost in illness, my tired eyes turn to the media
For curative information on TV and social networking.
Besides seeing disheartening reports about freezer trailers
Filled with formerly flowering lives,
There are other reports on people not getting a chance
To tell friends and family members farewell,
Reports of a hellish system that failed the aged,
Reports of rapid infections,
Reports about dissatisfaction with social distancing,
And reports of political division.
By the time my mind processes all those reports,
I am grateful about seeing stories of bravery from doctors,
Nurses, first responders, service workers,
The heroism of neighbors nursing neighbors in need,

And above all, I am overjoyed over each opine
Showing hope for the blood in COVID-19 survivors.
Here, quarantined in my quarter of the world,
I offer them this ode
Dedicated to all who are doing something
To end our undoing.

  Edna Garcia