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Poetry of Issue #8
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Mammalism: Colonoscopy of the World

In the face of uncertainty
the loose sanity, hesitant in its clumsiness.

One thing is the imprecise bet
                                    all or nothing;
the virtue of the risk-taker
                        without regard to consequences,
gravitational changes,
nor Halley’s most extensive radius.

It’s normal to collapse in the mist,
there is no fear that impotency
                        hasn’t woken in the past.

Classical comedy:
                        The hero falls in misery
                        when he can’t exceed his expectations.
It is propitious to drown in the melancholic Mediterranean yogurt,
and at the end
                        finding the pieces to build oneself,
                                                                         to love oneself.

It’s normal to get used to the downfall,
and pass the very last instant
                        navigating between possibles.

The truth of our times,
any affirmation is gelatine that melts,
before the evidence
before the weight of history
                        that constipates when digested.

The truth of our time
the uncertainty of success,
and that tender melancholy
                        before the ancestral mistake
                        before the possibility of extermination.

That we are able to accept it
                        is machism.
Mammalisms that reptiles refrain from feeling.

In the face of uncertainty,
                        the hug under the blanket
                        and the deep breath.

  Nicolás Linares