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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 69

Goodness Birthday Glory Be

Life is always a story from
beginning to end and a wish
without conclusive evidence
of escaping the worst coming
deterred and shaping the concurrent returns.
Exit videos from the rock-a-bye storms
leave no doubt of chipmunk fragility
and the crazed cold feathers of nothing nursed.
Similar thickening sadness in luscious greening
bestirs the slumbering walrus or plunked
pickerelweed for deer to feed where the ooze is
receding stays hydrations gurgling in a reservoir.
So if crossed when it is timely to plead
or to flex in the embrace of unlikely looking
past the echoes more and more and after sirens
then will A-frame when to close
over troughs with a perfumed cocktail endearing
haze and a wicket anchor a near elopement.
Or so seemly sauce for underhanded throw
is in a graduated scrumptious flow
and no longer gravy at grace but cockles
to the embassy of clean hands for chow
to be pestered faithfully the when and the how.

  Robert Mueller