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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 64


“Frequent streets are another key part
In the physical and social construction of cities.”

What’s left of the wilderness is no analgesic,

Though there’s more of it
Than you might think.

For instance it’s surprising
That there’s anything left to burn
In California.

White picket fences burning on your lawn.
By this time.

She lived in the exurbs
By this time.
She had a big garden.
It was fall.

A runder of thumble could be heard on the gramophone.

The sheriff doesn’t like it.
Don’t twist his arm.

I subjected myself to the juke box
In another life.

And “Sympathy for the Devil.”
I have none. The anti-Christ
Lives in The White House.

The fires indicate the end of time.
By this time.

But the fiddler pays no attention
And continues playing
Bonaparte’s Retreat or Turkey in the Straw,

As long as the fiddler keeps fiddling
The world will not end.

But who believes
That sort of thing
By this time,

When everyone
Has a mortgage?

By this time.

  Ian Ganassi