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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 59

In Praise of Seasons

How beautiful are the changes,
How green can go to red and gold
And brown and even mint to stray
About, before it joins the wind,
To follow a circle dance away!

Soon the tree’s branches in bareness
Or sleeved in winter white will sway,
Stretching themselves out, and toward
The infinite, whether blue or gray—
For they’ll always celebrate the sky.

Welcomed spring comes, pushes forward
Bringing her colored robes—make way!
She’s also full of scented wake-up
Calls that inspire the every day,
And sees that we move along again.

And those pictures taken in summer . . .
Dive in the pools of remembrance.
Smiles not to be lost, we want to stay
Verdant, to move with the seasons
That keep circling back again to play.

  Evie Ivy