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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 59


Time to feel freshened
and forget the inner bruises.
Circling fingers round out,
to expel what has taken hold,
of the only face you have.
What can you expect from
yourself and the caress
of the bad winds?

You sit unaware that the face
betrays the mind giving a stage
to too many returning thoughts.
Fragrant washes on your face
might help you to find yourself,
be a member of the coming day
even if it's just commanding
your space within it.
There will be no old veil
of smeared makeup to expose
the self's weakness.

for your serious face.
Still, their eyes will photograph
you in their ridiculous ways
as you listen and ponder
this one world in the news
that's not multiple world,
but one world which needs one big
facial ...

And I'm smooth, expelled,
ready for the windy street's
dusty kiss again.

  Evie Ivy