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The Demon of Small Things

Knee been stiff, feeling numb & kinda locking, but otherwise still walkable—doesn’t
ache like it was doing before the injections.

Was thinking yesterday as to how I shd. get books back to farflung libraries
while I can, for instance Columbia uptown—worrying more about such trivia than
not being able to walk.

Our biggest worries, or mine at least, are the small ‘duties’...

At one point in a dream last night was staying at some kind of mental I think
institution—probably the trigger is today’s corona virus spreading like wildfire,
quarantining its way—was leaving and at some halfway point found myself in a sorta
nature preserve-small park where there were lions lounging about, not to worry, some
attendants who were there keeping an eye of me and I guess things told me (did they
represent doctors?), the lions are tame & anyway had just been fed, what, what? I
wondered...Meanwhile one of these ‘domesticated’ big cats comes sauntering up behind
the bench I was sitting on. I did not feel safe. Cut to a street outside where I was due at a
(book doubtless) discussion group I had a lot to do with instigating and keeping going,
get on a bus, which turns out to be the wrong one or going in the wrong direction, or its
route had changed...

  Philip Beitchman