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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 53

Dead Friends Sonata

We grew up together
I knew you better than anyone else
You confided in me more than your wife
You never had it easy
Yet you wound up doing all right
Success has its price

You stuck with your life threatening job
For your adopted daughter and your wife
Trying to endure and ignore the stress
Hoping you live long enough
To see your pension benefits

The mortgage albatross hung from your neck
It had you in its vice like grip
Now your wife is a widow
Your daughter, fatherless

The reception that followed was morbid
Screams fell on deaf ears
The silence was crying
The dead cheered

I told the widow
The soul of the departed said to me
God spoke to him about his past
I asked what God sounded like
My friend replied
“Just like Johnny Cash”

To imagine that was satisfying
I’m trying to think positive
So it’s not lying

You were the last friend I had left
Several months later
I put my dog to rest

  Drew Marshall