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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 50

In the Pocket

Pockets make life lighter.
They once wielded power, were taboo for dames.
But their true value springs from the groove.

When music empowers listeners to reach heights,
like the time Stanley Clarke and Lenny White jammed
at the Blue Note one breezy fall night, wrapped in swing.

Or that ‘87 Andy Summers show when I was surrounded
by “it” girls on and off stage at Philly’s Chestnut Cabaret.
Rosie Vela strutted her Texas stuff in red Botticelli curls
and sass, singing “Tonto” and “Magic Smile.”

The ballads oozed rhythm and blues. A short-haired
honey blonde in the crowd entertained a harem of hot men.
I snaffled these scenes for years. Out of pocket no more.

  Amy Barone