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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 48

Say What You want

Say what you want about mankind’s massive skull
or the number of neurons and his complexity of thought,
he’s more like a gerbil in a cage when under pressure,
tearing the flesh off those around him stripping limbs
from his fellow creatures, leaving them on the floor,
killing himself in effect though for noble causes
because there is always a place for noble causes
as we can see from the first four months within a cage.

For two hundred years men were hated and hanged
for the color of their skin or for their poverty, but
for two hundred years it was easy to forget again and
again but not after you put all the white men in a cage
with all the black men and all the yellow men and
all native Americans too shut down in a social cage
and damn if they don’t hate each other and tear
apart the society that made them what they are and
them with no idea of how to put it right at the end.

And when the cages start to open they all pour out
and they have no words beyond their self hatred
and they crush their flesh together, flesh of animals
hungry for sex and reproduction and seduction
more like gerbils in a cage than what we call humanity.

Jared Smith