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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 48

A Haunted Graveyard of Ghosts

The mortar holding our cities together
The pavement we stride each day
The concrete sidewalks we walk
are built from crushed limestone,
are the crushed bones of life gone.

The bricks we build our homes from
The walls we lay around our homes
The statues we worship in our parks
are born of the stone of our land
ripped from the earth and shaped.

The glass windows of our offices
The mirrors in which we see ourselves
The headlights and mirrors of our cars
are glass melted from shattered rock
blown dry as sand across our deserts.

All of these are harder than our bones
All of these are harder than our flesh
All of these are harder than our souls
and the sunlight beating down upon us
beating down upon us from so far away
we think that we are among the stars.

Jared Smith