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Page 42

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The Ides Of March

Who’d thunk
we’d reach the end so quickly
fingers plucking strings
playing into the air
softly you remember
what is lost
& what is left
to lose

forever comes on fast

there is no need to look
for anything
now the pages I was marking
slide into night

Lisa Bond __


Saturn Day
      Sat March 21 2020 Hartwick


Jupiter is bright
in the country sky

you have your moments in the dark
and your own
standing down

the riff

the dead

all around us

  Lisa Bond__


Weir are you

things are expanding and shrinking at the same time

who are they coming for

it has to be us

Lisa Bond__


  For Richie Cole

of you
are still reverberating
in my mind
who and where you are
you go. There you go There you go

  Lisa Bond__

© Dan Conklin: Raven
             © Dan Conklin: Raven

mourning morning

rinse and repeat
the pain comes over
we have passed Mahwah
on the Highway
heading up
in the daylight
trees turning

touching can not be separate
from this

last night I dreamed of a stranger
I did not want

but I woke up next to you

  Lisa Bond__


Alligators and Spanish Moss

I threw the cards over and over
trying to read the room
the voices inside of here
whoever they are
I am
one more time over the rocks
exchanging looks
is it too late to say those words
the tongue wants

  Lisa Bond__