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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 37


Deep death
Now repeat

Unseat the mind
Don’t be kind

It’s like a lemon rind
Meant to be sucked

Not knowing the score
You are royally fucked

Honk honk beep beep
From this world
Never retreat

Once the battle is over
It’s endless defeat

Don’t welcome death
Fight its embrace

Gone too soon
You won’t leave a trace

And no one will remember
You ran the race

Losing is no disgrace
If you were there
That’s what amounts

In the end
There are no recounts

You pay your way
No money back

Make your mark
Till it’s too dark
To see anything at all

Honk honk beep beep
Get off the road
In full retreat

Just wait now
Take a seat
And then repeat.

  Howard Pflanzer