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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 33


Decades have flown by like comets in
the thick darkness of unknown spaces
leaving a gentle tail of magical sands.

He continues his steadfast journey
carefree through a dragnet of faces
without features, robots in a crowd.

Dim tales slowly vanish upon the cosmos;
will they subsist long enough to be captured
by the eyeless souls of those passers-by?

Choices are few for the invisible wanderer
making small waves with his feeble wings
no one notices the fierce fires of his pains.

He recalls a glimpse of those lovely days
when he imagined he could be seen
smiling at those who merely ignored him.

He can find no anchor in this odd diversity
alone his warmth turns to a frigid death
as the shooting star disappears for another century.

Closing those tired thoughts he is resigned
as he considers these lines once in darker ink
have now faded as he to oblivion.

Fabrice B. Poussin