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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 25

The Crowd

You write?
Oh, what do you write about?
Oh, is that all?
Well the crowd
is seven billion now. More.
They’re approaching the ramparts.
You think it’s best though to entertain
the folks inside, and not worry about
the crowd outside, and when they storm the gates?
I guess that’s wise.
It must be wise
since you are wise
and you know what you’re doing
and it is what you’re doing.
It certainly seems to be lucrative at least.
Well I hear them getting
louder, closer, louder, closer, louder.
So we’ll soon see.
Me? Oh, no one in particular.
Just an observer. Just someone who wishes and hopes
everything will turn out all right.
Just someone who wishes he could write.

James B. Nicola