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Biography of a Man

hum drum life hum Drum life hum DRUM life work blast work blast Blast BLAST then seeingHer!for the First!Time! pitterpat drum drum MEETING! and then going on with life life drum cALLing Yes a Date Fal l inginlovetogethernessweddinghoneymoonlovelovelove T I M E marriage life marriage life humDrum Then: seeingHerrrrr!fortheFirst!Time! pitterpat no. bad. guilt guilt. but ya didn't DO nothin!down marriage marriage life hum cALLing... Yes! F a l l i n gIntermittentmeetingsaround ste- life -alth sec- marriage -ret adu- hum -ltery aff drum -air DDDISSSCOVERYYY! shh s/he shshsh s/hear t brea kkkk. . . (hurt) GUILTGuiltguilt(guilt)g. . . separ ation life life DI\ /ORCE BLAST Blast blast LIFE life DRUM life drum (life) (drummm) (over) and?

James B. Nicola