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Snow Job

Where are you Persephone? Your mother is freezing and taking the rap for you while you’re cavorting with Hades or God knows who in the netherworld. Or maybe you’re enjoying your stint as Queen in the land of the dead. Maybe it’s Demeter, your resentful mother who hasn’t called you back yet from your winter recess to start the process of Spring awakening. Too busy bickering about your abduction. Maybe she forgot to turn the page, as it were, or seething with resentment at Zeus, she’s reluctant to. She more determined to nurse her bitterness in the cold while the rest of us freeze than in welcoming her daughter for the season of renewal. I heard that Zeus had his hand in your abduction. Be it as it may, it’s getting cold up here and it’s the middle of March. Meanwhile, I’ll tell your mother to check her calendar. If you’re not exactly in her house by this time, you certainly should be on your way. Remember Zeus has already sent Hermes to tell Hades to let you go. I know he made you eat that stupid Pomegranate fruit but he ain’t kidding nobody. Zeus wants you back! I want you back. We all want you back, especially in New York City where we’re not used to this kind of weather so late into the month. Are you so whipped by gusts of wintry venom that you forgot the date of your return? Okay. So you’re not yet home. Maybe you got lost, can’t afford a Metro card because Hades is stingy. But your mother and most of the eastern coast is waiting for you. Please give us some of that warmth you’re famous for.

Frank De Canio