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corona: 5.28.20: 9:09 pm (c)

the pier cloudy
& uncrowded, spot
francisco the fisherman--

francisco, on one of my first walks,
only 3 of us in april chill, advises
get out of the rain

and when i ask him how are the fish says:
they're taking the day off

today, his beard shaved,
as i take his photo asks
what for, i say, i'm a poet
& use the photos w/
my poems--oh he says,
there is nothing like
the euphoria of making
that didn't exist

and having it meet
the picture you have in your mind

he tells me he's an inventor
of a gadget to slice garlic real
thin a fishing pole that moves
by the wind and adds i design
and make kites you can find me online:
frank rodriguez the kite man
of central park

thurs, 5.28.20: 9:17 pm--mon, 7.6.20: 3:55 pm

  Eve Packer