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   Page 21

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corona: 5.28.20: 9:09 pm (c)

the pier cloudy
& uncrowded, spot
francisco the fisherman--

francisco, on one of my first walks,
only 3 of us in april chill, advises
get out of the rain

and when i ask him how are the fish says:
they're taking the day off

today, his beard shaved,
as i take his photo asks
what for, i say, i'm a poet
& use the photos w/
my poems--oh he says,
there is nothing like
the euphoria of making
that didn't exist

and having it meet
the picture you have in your mind

he tells me he's an inventor
of a gadget to slice garlic real
thin a fishing pole that moves
by the wind and adds i design
and make kites you can find me online:
frank rodriguez the kite man
of central park

thurs, 5.28.20: 9:17 pm--mon, 7.6.20: 3:55 pm

  Eve Packer __


corona: 5.1.20: 3:04 pm

not a plane in sight
says the older man
in long european army green trench-
coat, pink face mask--
& he's right--morning cloudy
on the pier-- sky quiet
as when henrik hudson
must have sailed up this river--
and as lady liberty rises from
the mist, i'm thinking how
clear the air must have been
when my grandparents arrive--
and how i will miss
this piece

fri, 5.1.20: 3:10 pm

  Eve Packer __

corona: 4.15.20: 6:39 pm

we are having a glorious spring,
yes we are, masses of
yellow flowers, orange, purple,
blue, deep blue, deep blue purple
and pink pink white varied vivid all shades
overflowing branches and buds
robins in abundance the sun
enamelling the hudson
bicyclists and joggers in
perfect silhouette, 10,834 dead
in new york

wed, 4.15.20: 6: 45 pm

  Eve Packer __

© EvePackera: IMG_4951'


                          © EvePackera: IMG_4951'

corona: 6.1.20: 7:50 pm

sunny, no humidity, a breeze
& at 5 pm a protest at
sheridan square: peaceful,
small scale, packed, the focus:
gay & trans people of
color: before the reading
of the names: the last speaker
says: We all belong
here if it takes
them forever to
figure that shit out
fuck them.

7:53 pm

8:53 pm

i am sitting in my kitchen chair
facing the west window
& the blue-grey lavender pink -streaked
sky cloud backdrop for the roof-top water towers
shift shape to stark cylinder/cones in black, sipping
my smirnoff & oj, listening to coltrane
on disc six--

and i don't want to die
miss, never see this

mon, 6.1.20: 8:57 pm
for the first time since 1945: 6/2-6/7:
8 pm-5am curfew in nyc.

  Eve Packer __