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corona: 6.1.20: 7:50 pm

sunny, no humidity, a breeze
& at 5 pm a protest at
sheridan square: peaceful,
small scale, packed, the focus:
gay & trans people of
color: before the reading
of the names: the last speaker
says: We all belong
here if it takes
them forever to
figure that shit out
fuck them.

7:53 pm

8:53 pm

i am sitting in my kitchen chair
facing the west window
& the blue-grey lavender pink -streaked
sky cloud backdrop for the roof-top water towers
shift shape to stark cylinder/cones in black, sipping
my smirnoff & oj, listening to coltrane
on disc six--

and i don't want to die
miss, never see this

mon, 6.1.20: 8:57 pm
for the first time since 1945: 6/2-6/7:
8 pm-5am curfew in nyc.

  Eve Packer