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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 1

The Screen

Face the nation
this week, with Bob--or with me:
your journalist-historian deluxe.
I’ll lead you to a view
of yesterday’s news
that prefigures a future Pantheon
in praise of interchangeable politicians.
In truth, Anchorman Bob isn’t available--
I’m the only correspondent around--
so I’m being merely polite
when I offer you a choice of hosts.
Similarly, there are no info options;
there is no alternative
to eyeing television.
The laughable notion of clicking off--
a vacation from the screen--
is a marriage of delusion and absurdity.
You have to face the nation
the gleaming TV presents.
You must sum up this week
from the televised data
the ninety-nine broadcasting stations
that are, in essence, one
generously provide.
At least I’m telling you
like it is, in our tiempo.
Hola. Welcome to a breakfast
of Sunday newsbites
where you meet the press
in all its sunshiny transparency.

  Austin Alexis