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Poetry of Issue #8
            Spanish Featured: Page 1

“La panfletería es una enfermedad difícil de erradicar”
                La Papisa

I declare myself to be
free from any Fatherland
whether colonizer or colonized
I divorce the mythological threesome
(our perfectly fake Taíno-Afro-Spanish blend)

I declare myself to be
a herbi-carnivorous terrestrial
a bipedal and reflexive animal
allergic to cults of hooded fundamentalists
to a whitened canned culture
to leaders who ignore how to pose for the camera
to collectives who choke their brethren with stones

I declare myself to be
a sensitive and living skeleton
covered with flesh and hair
held up by nomadic bones
addicted to a death that is only reborn on the earth

I return the flags and the corny national speeches
I give back my membership
to the club of the most famous poets at bookstore X
I accept my desire to implode hypocrisy

I declare myself to be
menstrual, imaginative and capable
sister to curious and ever-changing mammals
full of grace and violence

   Yarisa Colón Torres