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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 18


Black man shooting pool
Black woman singing the blues
Black man playing the horn
Black woman looking like Lena Horne

Outside the black and white patrol car
With its spinning red light
Shotgun in casing heart racing

Big Daddy waits for his cue
Big Daddy waits for his cue


San Francisco skyline blanketed in fog
Wears her history like a harlot
In a tight fitting dress

Air sweet as a mango caresses her skin
Her breath fills your nostrils with longing
She’s a ballerina walking a high wire
Ghosts of her past dissolve into each other
Rooms of walls dare you to enter

Fists clenched like a boxer
She plays your mind like a card shark
Doors of Nirvana open and close
Like trick mirrors in a fun house

She’s like an aging jockey
Looking for one more ride
On a magnificent horse
That crosses the finish line
Barely breaking a sweat

  A.D. Winans