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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 17

We Shared a Quilt

We shared a quilt,
A lightweight summer quilt
Made of silk, soft and smooth.
It draped our embraces, flowed
Over every contour.
An open window
Let a breeze pass over us.

By late September,
Air cold, wind
Blustering and harsh,
The quilt was too light.

A cotton comforter
Covered us with bulk and
Weight, a bulwark against
Airborne elements,
Our envelope,
Our slot we fit within.

For a few weeks,
We kept the window open
A crack,
Then closed it tight.

Under a heavier quilt,
We lay together to sleep
Close all the nights of
Months through winter.

When you must go
Again, to the border
Problems or beyond,
Our quilts are still here,
Ready for your return.

William Considine