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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 17

Full Moon

The full white moon,
Drunk with so many
Memories of love,
Twists its round mouth
And howls a loony tune.

“O humans of the dark
Blue planet, facing skies!
Your small white eyes
Gleam like so many
Stars radiating into stark,
Near nothing space
A faded Being’s final trace.
The light returning from your eyes
Is fire of the love
God left at your thighs.”

Sky-gazing men and women,
Seduced through the open
Moaning of the moon
-   “O,” says the big face
In a cosmic cartoon –
Feel touched by grace
Implicit in our sense of place.

Hugging old confusions
As our own dear conclusions,
Spinning dizzy dreams
In dim and mixed-up scenes,
Jilted, faithful lovers croon
To shadows on a sky balloon.

William Considine