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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 15

Christian Witchcraft

Tripping sagely in the common space
founded by licence by an omnivorous cry
future being everywhere, cover versions aside,
simple venom towards the room of confidence
god knows a purpose for other people
shaken to foundations a test for livelihood.

Stuck together, like perfume, fateful lessons,
exorcising through a touch, a purpose redeemed,
being anything you want, as long as it’s free
the childlike gaping at the parental world
kept free from sin for the time being
assisting the afflicted in a moment’s effort.

Fostering the wrong type of attention,
speaking in tongues a novel type of expression
lightly scared, by return of post and air,
whittling the light-switch to a comfortable stub
recognising bygones in throwaway television
avoiding same, salvation permitting, solid.

The educated fear, politely dissociating
enough for another day, withdrawn from society,
visitation from on high, crippled through ignorance
attempting to act, on a prize-give free,
salvation turning on itself, a sociable drunk
flashes of brilliance enough to cry in the wilderness.

Patricia Walsh