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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 15

Local Saviour

Photography, being truth, begs a productive line
appealing to the miscreants hobbling fine.
Purposefully falling at the first hurdle,
falsely modest, switched off, no hurry.

Out of sight, remaining outside the look,
salvation at arm’s length in the oppressive heat,
supporting the diehards, familiarity ignored
seeing eventual results on a season’s broadcast.

Managing perspectives, too much to call for,
manhandling crosses a meeting denied
taunted from truth, a hardwired domesticity
familiar slights burning like heaven.

The cocktail of experience, scared by salvation
marry or avoid, under the orange sky,
tired exhibitions cry out for recognition
godly exhortations freak the dark fantastic.

Stealing, for celestial betterment, an exorcism
complexion changed under cover of right,
sleeping in tongues a readiness profoundly
summarily married over a technical fault.

The truth will in and out, stationary following,
this occupation serves well, thanks for asking
weak spots in the psyche let the baptism in
the tracked mind paying for run-on tweaks

Patricia Walsh