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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 15

Eternal Vocal

Brushing ahead, temperatures rising
seated outside in the sweltering heat.
Cannibalising sources at a perfunctory will
conversion fodder over as many days
inveigled crossways into a salvation.

Mission being to the world, over the tannoy,
name-checking the Bible after a fashion,
convert from heaven and earth, assigning
some glorious soul that is worth redeeming,
thrilled through occupation otherwise staid.

Praying in another tongue, scarified
bringing toys to school no mean feat
force-fed today’s lesson after a baptism
writing from a necessary fount of knowledge
other commitments watch as stars implode.

Shaken-looking enemies in one’s own household
bringing fire to the earth always happens
spoof doctrine tightly bound in prayer
destination theology never sounded so sweet
cutting the sinner’s edge, saving face.

Supporting on licence, cleared at half-time,
Cross-eyed doctrine burning on the long finger
rewarded through exposure, an exclusion zone,
apologise through indifference, a hard fate
softer days find a way to infatuate your psyche.

Patricia Walsh