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Poetry of Issue #8        Page 15


Wet and tame, from an unfathomable journey
drenched to the marrow, a failure’s song
seats being taken, fast friends watching by
consuming junk a survival pact, forthwith
closing the drawer on negative history.

Haggling through fairy tales, a prouder fancy
kissed in full view, slammed into order,
not respected afterwards, by any party
wandering through the river, declarative
cigarette in one hand, rolled unwisely.

Living to regret, a good size girl you are now
more than an apology needed to up the ante
poisoning gatherings, when we need to celebrate
any excuse for an event marred by you
attention sought and delivered, grudgingly.

Making use of telephones in slight chagrin,
brilliant mistakes prolong a certain agony
preserving social occasions for these loves only
lingering pain never crosses this mind,
sympathetic crossings teach little and often.

Drinking the poisoned water, immersed for same
whole decadence in a little crowded room
devoid of conversation, needing the quips
necessary to live nicely, hating the same
attractive phobias hiding behind propriety.

Patricia Walsh