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                                                                      Issue 8

Page 10

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Ice is melting
behind a thin sheet
on the face of layered rock,

The drops run behind the ice
in squiggles, like tadpoles
swimming downward

They leave the ice sheet
and roll along icicles
and hit the water runoff.

The sun is just right
after a freeze
to liquefy the water.

My wife and I stay,
watching the drops wriggle down
like living things.

  Thaddeus Rutkowski __


Sitting in an empty room
           doesn’t make me feel peaceful and calm.
It makes me jumpy and nervous.
I wonder if I’ve come to the wrong room.
Maybe people used to come here
           but don’t come here anymore.
Maybe the change was made
           without anyone telling me.
But I’ve looked in the other rooms on this floor,
and they all seem empty, too.
Maybe I looked too early.
Maybe I haven’t waited long enough.

Someone is sure to show up
           if I just don’t leave.

  Thaddeus Rutkowski__

© Michael Lee Johnson: Silent Moonlight Spider

    © Michael Lee Johnson: Silent Moonlight Spider


I’m looking for a penny
because I need one more cent for a cup of coffee,
so I scan the pavement as I roll on my bike.
I usually don’t look for dropped money,
but I need that penny today.

I spot fragments of glass, fallen leaves,
black patches where chewing gum has stuck,
until I get near my destination.
There, on the street, are not one,
but two pennies, along with a dime.

I’ll have enough for that cup of coffee
and two pieces of candy.

  Thaddeus Rutkowski__