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At Cedar Tavern time
A plethora of lines
From all of us poets
A flock of words
Shepherded by Donald.

Amid the old tavern ghosts
Where painters were the hosts
We celebrated Home Planet News
Imagistic views
In words rounded up by Donald.

  Howard Pflanzer __


He waited for two days in the motel
The police were watching him
He had to be very careful
Not to arouse suspicion
He had studied the route on google maps
Going over it so many times
He memorized the GPS instructions
The imagined route haunted his dreams
He had nightmares of reaching the border
Of being grabbed by unseen hands before he crossed
And taken to prison
Along with his back pack
He carried his flute everywhere
It was his magic wand
It would bring him work on the other side
It was his key to success
He knew it.

He started out one frigid morning in the dark
Walking towards the fields bordered by thick forests
He scrambled down an embankment
The ground was wet and his boots slipped in the mud
Suddenly he was up to his waist in icy water
He had stepped into a stream in the dark
He kept moving
He was stiff from the cold
He hallucinated shadows around him
He kept going as the day brightened
Through fields and forests he pushed on.

After many hours he heard the sounds of traffic
He broke through a large clump of wild bushes
It was a highway
The cars and trucks were roaring by
He was across the border
As he walked on the side of the road
A police car pulled up beside him
They asked for his papers
They looked at them
He was really frightened
They took him to a border customs office
They questioned him more
It went on for hours
Suddenly they said you can go
He didn’t dare speak
He walked out the door slowly
Breathed deeply
He took out his flute
And began to play a sweet melody
Which turned into a raucous dance tune
He moved to the rhythm
He was free
He could ask for asylum
And pray it would be granted
The future was open
There was an unknown road ahead.

  Howard Pflanzer__

              © William Corner Clarke: spirit-of-bamboo-MPIX-ian_2