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I drink
a six-pack
of tears,
and no longer
trim my beard.

All the critics
I’ve been dead
for years,
but soon
I will star
as King Lear.

I drown
in a river
of fear,
but sign
all my messages:

  George Snedeker__


I awoke at 3 AM
from a bad dream.
I was a prisoner in a mental hospital.
I could go from floor to floor,
but could not escape.

When I awoke
I was in a state of amnesia.
My mind would barely function.
I knew I was in my bedroom,
but little more than this.
I felt my way around the room
in the dark.

I knew my name,
but not who I was.
I could remember things,
but not what they meant.
I thought for sure
I was losing my mind.

Nothing had any meaning for me.
I thought that if I called someone
and heard a familiar voice
I would remember who I was.
But it was the middle of the night.
And there was no one I could call.

  George Snedeker__


Dave began snorting heroin
every six months,
then every three months,
then once a month,
soon he was hooked.

He started stealing
from Christian storefronts.
How low can you go?

Dave got on welfare,
which put him up
in the 23rd Street Hotel,
where rats ran down the halls.

Dave was on Methadone Maintenance.
He came to visit me,
but all he wanted to do
was eat chocolate cake
and listen to Felonious Monk records.

I tried putting on Jefferson Star Ship,
but Dave would not hear of it!

  George Snedeker__


When she had her period,
Space Judy
would run into the street
and howl at the moon.

One day,
we were having a group discussion
in the Village Project.

Judy looked straight into my eyes
and said,
“I know that you are
R. D. Laing in disguise!”

I was caught a little
off guard
but got my wits back
in time
to tell Judy
that I was not
R. D. Laing.

I knew
and Judy knew
that she
was just pulling my leg!

  George Snedeker__